Is that discrimination?

Some people treat others badly because, in their view, they are different or behave or look differently. This is called discrimination. Why do people discriminate against others?

  • Because they do not have a German name
  • Because they come from another country
  • Because they have another gender
  • Because they have another religion
  • Because they have a disability
  • Because they love someone of the same sex
  • Because they have another skin color

Because they speak another language

These are examples of cases of discrimination at schools

  • Students insult a boy. They call him „Schwuli“, because he loves a boy.
  • Muslim parents would like to register their child in a primary school. However, the school rules say that a headscarf for girls is forbidden.
  • A female student has very good grades at school. However, she does not get any recommendation for gymnasium/grammar school from her teachers. They say her parents have no higher education and cannot help her with the studies at a gymnasium.
  • A student would like to go to the same school as the other children from his neighborhood. He cannot go to this school because he is a wheelchair user.
  • A father is invited to an interview with the headmistress because his son needs additional support. The father does not speak German but the school has not offered him a translator for the appointment.