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Is that discrimination?

Some people treat others badly because, in their view, they are different or behave or look differently. This is called discrimination. Why do people discriminate against others?

  • Because they do not have a German name
  • Because they come from another country
  • Because they have another gender
  • Because they have another religion
  • Because they have a disability
  • Because they love someone of the same sex
  • Because they have another skin color
  • Because they speak another language

These are examples of cases of discrimination at schools:

  • Students insult a boy. They call him „Schwuli“, because he loves a boy.
  • Muslim parents would like to register their child in a primary school. However, the school rules say that a headscarf for girls is forbidden.
  • A female student has very good grades at school. However, she does not get any recommendation for gymnasium/grammar school from her teachers.
    They say her parents have no higher education and cannot help her with the studies at a gymnasium.
  • A student would like to go to the same school as the other children from his neighborhood.
    He cannot go to this school because he is a wheelchair user.
  • A father is invited to an interview with the headmistress because his son needs additional support. The father does not speak German but the school has not offered him a translator for the appointment.

Consulting for parents

Personal advice and meetings with other affected parents

Have you or your child been discriminated at school? Please contact us. We are happy to advise and support you free of charge about solutions for you and your child. We will help your child to feel secure and confident again at school.
You can decide at any point of the consulting process whether and which step you or your child would like to attend.
We provide counselling in German, Turkish and English. Please let us know by email if you wish a consultation in another language so that we can provide an interpreter.
Our rooms are wheelchair accessible. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to support you as much as we possibly can.
In case you do not wish a consultation you can still help us and report your concerns anonymously.

Taking part – what can parents do?

Inform or support affected people.
Although or maybe because discrimination happens daily, affected persons often feel that this is a unavoidable reality and do not defend against it. Very often they do not know their rights or where to turn for advice.
You can support affected persons by informing them about our counselling centre and offering to accompany them (if wanted) to a counselling interview.


Anonymous reporting

You can also support our work even if affected persons do not request consultation.
You can anonymously report about cases of discrimination:

Reporting Form

Meldebogen englisch

All information is voluntary

Who is reporting the case of discrimination?

Affected person

Who has been affected by discrimination?
Type of school
Receiving benefit payments (e.g. unemployment benefit; Bürgergeld; housing benefit)

Details about the case of discrimination

Where did the discrimination take place?
In which federal state of germany did the case of discrimination take place?
What was the reason for discrimination?
Who was responsible for the discrimination?
Were there any witnesses?
How did you find out about ADAS?

If you would like us to advise you, please fill out the contact details.

We would like to thank you for your report. We use the report for our documentation and delete the personal data after 4 years.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Please contact us for a personal consultation

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